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This is the №1 domain for the multi-million industry at Spain and the Spanish-speaking internet-network !

By purchasing this domain you can take your Spanish business to a new level i.e. This is a short, branded, trust domain name with an age of ~14 years and with a clean history containing one English word “store” in popular commercial topics that can be used for example for an online store/mall/B2B-B2C/Auctions (medium and large scales and absolutely any legal topic. For example, such sites as: Amazon, Alibaba eBay etc.), data storage (it can be files like: apps, media, codes etc. Like these sites: App Store, Google Play, Envato Market etc.), for the site of a trading company or a company that produces something and maybe something else ugoe. This domain can usually help you in increasing clients trust in you and consequently, a higher conversion, can give a little prestige to your company and increase the effect of your marketing/SEO campaign.

Examples of sales of passers-by domains (information from open sources): sold for $34,000 sold for $1,300 sold for $6,999 sold for $173,682 sold for $21,018 sold out $47,866 sold out $63,325 for sale in Sedo from €50,000 sold for $128,947 sold for $334,428

And more...

Although of course I gave you the most top examples of sales, and of course there are sales that are much cheaper than these, but still. As you can see, £50k for a this domain is adequate price. And if you have questions for us please feel free to contact us by mail:

Member since 2019-03-23

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